We had an incredible fishing adventure with Team North Dakota during a late-August halibut fishing charter out of Homer (Jim, LeRoy, Tyson, Brent & Ashlee). Even before the action began, we felt as if they had been our friends for years! They were just a very nice and fun family out to enjoy time spent together ...no high expectations.

On this day, we experienced some of the best halibut fishing ever! We've landed better catches, but on this trip, the action and quality of fish was absolutely phenomenal. The action started immediately, and it never stopped!

Of over 20 halibut hooked, all but two were super-hard fighters, doubling rods hard-over and ripping line from the reels. We often had multiple big fish-on and lost two of the largest halibut hooked when three peeled line in different directions and became entangled.

At the end of this fast-paced day, everyone was worn out and vary happy with their catch. We released many large fish and kept a limit of 55-65 pounders. We were also very happy. Great weather, awesome people and a halibut bite we will not forget!

Gallery: Homer Fishing Charter Pictures

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